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Doublar Self Massage Tool


Created by reCharge class, the Doublar is made of medical-grade silicon, with a nice balance between firm and forgiving. This tool is ideal for areas that need a decent sized surface area for massage, such as your quads or erector spinae. It is specifically non-bio-degradable to ensure it lasts and doesn’t disintegrate over time.

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Doublar self-massage tool

The Doublar’s versatility will work wonders on your spine, shoulders, buttocks, legs and chest. Adjust the balls’ positions to accurately pinpoint the tender spots in your muscles. Use the cord to help you move easily over the balls as you release. Place one or both balls between you and the wall or floor and let gravity work its magic.

Ball size: 6.2cm

Made in Australia from high-quality silicone rubber

The Doublar is designed and manufactured in Australia with specific features and high-quality materials.

Microbe resistant… silicone rubber is naturally hydrophobic, which has the added bonus of resisting the colonization of bugs.  That’s one of the reasons why it’s often used in medical devices implanted inside your body.

Easy to clean… when we’re using these tools after exercise, or even after someone else, it’s reassuring to know that the surfaces won’t take up the sweat and grime of other users, and can be readily cleaned.  Silicone can be cleaned with a wet cloth and can easily withstand rubbing alcohol.


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