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Understanding the messages of your body


We are all born with certain parts of our bodies that are less healthy than others.  As stresses and traumas of life accumulate, these areas become what Jean-Pierre Barral calls our bodies’ “weakest link.”  This is especially the case with our internal organs.  In this book, Barral discusses each organ and its complex relationship with the rest of the body, explaining how pain can originate with an emotional upset that creates distress in an organ, or how a physically damaged organ can contribute to emotional problems.

What is your weakest link, and what can you do to look after yourself?

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Understanding the Messages of Your Body

Fears, anxieties, traumas, and physical and emotional shocks imprint on the body and remain dormant in its vast memory store until they are roused by an event or encounter. They may manifest in a different form or place-a fearful incident may transform itself into a stomachache or a headache, or even a chronic disease. Pain creates its own path. In particular, psychological and emotional stresses affect the functioning of the internal organs. In Understanding the Messages of Your Body, Dr. Jean-Pierre Barral explains the relationships that exist between internal organs and emotions, to allow us to free ourselves from the effects of present and past tensions and traumas.

The book opens with an explanation of the body-mind relationship and goes on to show how physical-emotional therapy works based on examples from Dr. Barral’s clinical practice. The second part of the book offers detailed analyses of various “types” of human personality and the physical-emotional complexes and related organ dysfunctions that accompany them. The author offers advice and encouragement to improve physical, psychological, and emotional health, and recommends physical exercises, psychotherapeutic approaches, and dietary plans that can be used by both professional therapists and the average reader.

“Great book, worth the read. Directed to laymen and specifically potential Visceral Manipulation patients, this book provides a unique perspective on the connection between specific organs and emotional states and thought-patterns. Light-hearted and employing a colloquial tone, this book also provides a very good counterpoint to the author’s other titles on Visceral Manipulation. In my practice, I use VM almost on every patient, because of its high efficiency and applicability, but explaining the whys or hows of it to patients is difficult. I wish I could have all my patients read this book, so they could begin to reflect a little bit on their self-care and its relationship to my sessions with them. A gold-mine of information on self-care and awareness of one health and wellbeing. Loved it. Will have to read it again!” Cintaun


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