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Understanding the messages of your joints


This new book is the companion to Understanding Messages of Your Body., but instead from the perspective of joints.  Learn how all aspects of your health and well being relate to your joints.  How do your emotions and behaviour interact with physical injuries to affect your joints?



Understanding the Messages of Your Joints

Did you know that hip pain can be linked to an unwanted move, a lack of familial attachment or a fear of change…?

It is not entirely by chance that we might have knee, back or neck discomfort. Jean-Pierre Barral arrived at this remarkable conclusion after studying thousands of cases. Through these, he established common links between emotions, behaviour and joint pain. By being aware of this interdependence, you can help to resolve past and present tensions.

In this book, each joint is reviewed in terms of its function and the problems that tend to affect it. It includes discussions of their causes and ramifications for our physical and mental equilibrium. It explains how to take care of your joints, physically, psychically and emotionally. If you look after your joints, your mind will follow. Similarly, by treating an emotional problem, you can improve joint health.

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